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Satori Labs Launches FusionForm Desktop, Removing Key Barrier to Electronic Medical Record Adoption

Powerful New PC Product Bridges the Gap between Handwritten Patient Information and EMR

Scotts Valley, CA - December 5, 2005-- Satori Labs, a leader in digital pen and paper solutions for healthcare, announced today the launch of FusionForm Desktop, a powerful new forms automation system that transforms the way that healthcare professionals create electronic patient records.

As healthcare professionals write with a ballpoint pen on their own familiar forms, FusionForm utilizes revolutionary digital pen technology to capture a perfect electronic copy of everything written on every page. Clinical notes, drawings, and prescriptions can all be captured and shared with any other authorized healthcare professional on the network, or integrated into an existing EMR (electronic medical record) system. With advanced handwriting recognition technology and a simple interface for the writer to quickly verify the final electronic record, FusionForm Desktop provides the accessibility of pen and paper and the verified data integrity high-quality healthcare requires.

"FusionForm Desktop has been a great solution for our busy optometric practice," said Dr. Steven Faith, OD, of Livermore Optometry Group. "FusionForm turned our handwritten charts into digital data quickly and automatically--with minimal training, without interrupting our workflow and without impacting our patient interaction. The resulting digital records are clear and accurate, and were easy to integrate into our existing back-end system."

Today, pen and paper forms are the primary means of recording information for over 80% of healthcare professionals. The majority of doctors and nurses have been slow to adopt EMR due in large part to the inefficient, intrusive, and cumbersome computer-based interfaces available. FusionForm Desktop is designed for healthcare professionals in clinical and in-patient settings who need electronic medical records, but find that keyboards and tablets interfere with the relationship with their patients and disrupt their workflow. By enabling users to keep the familiar and efficient paper forms they are already using, FusionForm Desktop removes one of the biggest barriers to EMR adoption.

"We are excited about the release of FusionForm Desktop," said Roy Feague, Satori Labs' CEO. "FusionForm enables healthcare providers to focus on caring for patients, yet still meet the widespread and growing demand for electronic medical records. By breaking down the biggest barrier to EMR adoption, FusionForm Desktop is ushering in a new era in healthcare."

Applications of FusionForm technology extend well beyond the U.S. healthcare industry. Through its worldwide partner network, Satori Labs is developing new opportunities for FusionForm Desktop in such markets as financial services, CRM (customer relationship management), law enforcement and others.

About Satori Labs
Founded in 2003, Satori Labs, Inc. is a leader in mobile forms automation solutions. Satori Labs fuses digital pen and paper, PDA, and wireless technologies with Satori Labs' ground-breaking forms automation software to create the next generation of information management products for the healthcare professional.

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