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Satori Labs Launches FusionForm for Healthcare

Company Introduces Healthcare Forms Automation Product at DEMO Conference

14 February 2005--SCOTTSDALE, AZ--Satori Labs, a leader in mobile forms automation solutions healthcare, premiered its new forms automation product, FusionForm for Healthcare 1.0, at the DEMO@15 industry event at the Westin Kierland Resort & Spa in Scottsdale, Arizona, February 13 - 15. The conference is an invitation-only event attended by a select audience of industry analysts, investment professionals, business and technology journalists, and technology entrepreneurs. DEMO@15 will host over 70 high tech companies launching some of the most innovative products of 2005.

"Satori Labs is at the forefront of developing state-of-the-art healthcare business solutions leveraging digital pen and paper technologies," said Jukka Hieta, Manager - Sales Development, Mobile Enhancements and Multimedia Division, Nokia Corporation (NOK). "By integrating the Nokia Digital Pen with the FusionForm for Healthcare product, Satori Labs has created a unique solution that enables busy physicians to capture, verify, and digitize handwritten information, easily creating accurate electronic health records for use throughout a healthcare organization. We are proud to be a Satori Labs partner as they continue to lead the way in healthcare forms automation in the months ahead."

FusionForm for HealthCare is a digital pen and paper technology that captures handwritten patient record data and seamlessly transforms it in to digital text that is easily integrated in to EMR (Electronic Medical Records) and CPOE (Computerized Physician Order Entry) systems. Healthcare professionals can acquire patient information in a natural and familiar manner and easily satisfy the healthcare industry's growing requirements for timely digital patient records.

"We are very pleased to be able to launch FusionForm for Healthcare at this year's DEMO@15 event in Scottsdale, Arizona", said Roy Feague, Satori Labs' CEO. "Recent government regulatory requirements and the healthcare industry's need to reduce costs and raise productivity have resulted in a tremendous industry-wide effort to move to electronic patient record information. FusionForm for Healthcare offers a unique solution that bridges traditional data collection methods of pen and paper with the digital future of electronic medical records, without users having to change the way they work currently. The FusionForm for Healthcare solution results in demonstrable savings to healthcare providers and a great reduction in the number of errors introduced by transcription and other traditional approaches to standard data collection methods," Feague said.

Using FusionForm for Healthcare physicians and other healthcare professionals can instantly turn their free-form clinical notes, diagnoses, prescriptions, drawings, and orders in to digital patient records suitable for export to back-end administrative records management servers or other environments. The product enables users to instantly view and verify the digital results of handwritten information. FusionForm for Healthcare provides the accessibility of pen and paper and the verified data integrity and high quality of digital data that is required for effective patient care.

"The DEMO organization is pleased to host Satori Labs as one of our select technology presenters at this year's conference," said Chris Shipley, Executive Producer of DEMO@15. "FusionForm for Healthcare is a great example of a transformational product that enables customers to seamlessly move their handwritten healthcare data in to digital form. For that reason we believe FusionForm could have a significant impact on the healthcare market."

About Satori Labs
Founded in 2003, Satori Labs, Inc. is a leader in mobile forms automation solutions for healthcare. Satori Labs fuses digital pen and paper, PDA, and wireless technologies with Satori Labs' high performance forms automation software to create the next generation of connected information management products for the mobile healthcare professional. More information on Satori Labs technology is available at:

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