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Satori Labs at Future Tech & Gadget Show

Company to Unveil FusionPlanner and FusionForm to High Tech Audience

27 May 2004--SCOTTS VALLEY, CA--Satori Labs, an emerging leader in innovative mobile digital ink solutions for forms automation, document management and CRM systems today unveiled their first two products to an audience of high technology executives and members of the press at the Future Tech & Gadget Show, sponsored by the East Bay IT Group (eBIG).

Based on their SureScribe technology platform, which supports key industry standards, FusionPlanner and FusionForm eliminate the need for transcription by immediately transforming handwritten data into editable, digital text. Designed for people who continually interact with handwritten data and forms, the products provide an immediate digital version of the handwritten data, and allow instant editing via the platform's FlashFix interface. The verified digital text is then easily integrated with forms automation and document management systems, as well as leading CRM products such as Outlook and ACT!.

"Our products allow people to work the way they always have, using pen and paper, and we go a step further by eliminating the need for transcription," explained Roy Feague, CEO of Satori Labs. "Sales people, field workers and their companies will increase efficiency and productivity by using our products. Our mobile, digital ink solutions use industry standards and integrate easily with enterprise back-end systems."

Both FusionForm and FusionPlanner can be seen at the Future Tech show in Pleasanton. Additional information about these products is posted on the Satori Labs website:

About Satori Labs
Founded in 2002 by key executives and engineers from Starfish, Inc., formerly a subsidiary of Motorola (NYSE: MOT), Satori Labs is a privately funded company dedicated to excellence and the development of a new class of information management tools that enable people to work more intuitively and effectively, and enhance productivity and user satisfaction by interfacing seamlessly with the digital world. Satori Labs' focus on excellence extends beyond its products to the quality of its employees, work environment and corporate ethics.

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