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The Most Dangerous Risk In A Hospital: Bad Information

FusionForm for Healthcare Reduces Data Collection Errors, Improves Safety

17 February 2005--SCOTTS VALLEY, CA--One year ago, the nation was shocked and saddened by the death of 17 year-old Jessica Santillan, who died when her body rejected transplanted donor heart and lungs.

In the weeks following the surgery, Duke Medical Center, the hospital where the transplant operation was performed, conducted an intensive investigation into the cause of the young teenager's death. After a thorough review of the chain of events that led to the tragedy, it was discovered that the cause of the organ rejection was in fact a misread handwritten blood-type in the patient record file that accompanied the donor organs. The resulting error when reading the handwritten information led the Duke surgical team to implant incompatible organs, resulting in the death of a young girl, terrible pain and loss for her family, and began a difficult chapter in the history of a renowned medical institution.

Unfortunately, the story of Jessica Santillan is not unusual in today's healthcare environment. Every year there are over 45,000 deaths in the U.S. due to preventable medical errors tied to bad information in the healthcare environment. Preventable medical mistakes cost more lives each year than motor vehicle accidents, AIDS, or breast cancer. Further, there are over 700,000 additional injuries from medical errors each year, resulting in unnecessary patient suffering and extra healthcare costs in excess of $3 billion.

Satori Labs has developed innovative new products and technology to help physicians and nursing professionals address the problem of "bad information" in the healthcare environment. The company's new product, FusionForm for Healthcare, quickly captures patient information, validates and double-checks the information at the time of entry, and transforms the data into digital form, transmitting the information wirelessly to back-end electronic medical record (EMR) systems in hospitals and physician practice environments. In addition, when FusionForm for Healthcare is integrated with back-end EMR systems, doctors and nurses can access a patient's electronic medical record, gaining valuable information about the patient during the actual visit. This functionality can improve overall patient care by getting the right information to the healthcare professional at the right time.

FusionForm for Healthcare is a digital pen-and-paper technology that captures handwritten patient data and seamlessly transforms it into digital text. The output of FusionForm for Healthcare is easily integrated into EMR (Electronic Medical Record) and CPOE (Computerized Physician Order Entry) systems. Healthcare professionals can acquire patient information in a natural and familiar manner and easily satisfy the healthcare industry's growing requirements for timely digital patient information.

FusionForm for Healthcare's key benefits include:
  • Accurate, verifiable data collection and digital file creation
  • Improved quality of patient record information
  • Cost reductions through elimination of duplicate data entry steps
  • Cost effective technology for regulatory compliance
  • Enhanced productivity and workflow processes
  • Interactive access to patient record information

Using FusionForm for Healthcare, physicians and other healthcare professionals can instantly turn their free-form clinical notes, diagnoses, prescriptions, drawings, and orders into digital patient records suitable for export to back-end administrative records management servers or other information systems. The product enables users to view instantly, verify and transmit the digital results of handwritten information collection. FusionForm for Healthcare provides the accessibility of pen and paper and the verified data integrity and high quality of digital data that is required for effective, safe patient care.

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Founded in 2003, Satori Labs, Inc. is a leader in mobile forms automation solutions for healthcare. Satori Labs fuses digital pen and paper, PDA, and wireless technologies with Satori Labs' high performance forms automation software to create the next generation of connected information management products for the mobile healthcare professional. More information on Satori Labs technology is available at:

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