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Don't Change the Way You Work
FusionForm Desktop works just like you do--with a pen and paper. As you write, FusionForm Desktop captures your handwriting and hand-drawn sketches and seamlessly transforms them into digital records ready for an EMR environment.

Instant ROI
FusionForm Desktop requires minimal training and quickly provides return on investment. With FusionForm Desktop you eliminate costly and time-consuming steps like scanning and transcription, accelerating your workflow and making your patient information processes more efficient.

On-The-Spot Verification of Data
Recent studies have shown that over 15% of patient records contain errors. This is dangerous to patients and a source of tremendous liability to healthcare professionals and institutions. FusionForm Desktop provides on-the-spot verification capability such that patient information can be verified at the time of capture.

Anything You Write or Draw Can Be Part of an EMR
For the first time anything you can write or draw can become part of an electronic medical record. FusionForm Desktop allows healthcare professionals of all specialties to use personal notes, handwritten physician orders, sketches and drawings and include them all in digital patient records.

Interactive Patient Records
It's not enough just to capture information and transform it into digital patient records. FusionForm Desktop provides healthcare professionals the capability to interface to a range of third-party EMR systems, allowing access to archived electronic patient records.

No Lost Productivity
With FusionForm Desktop you see as many patients as you always have, with no loss of time or productivity because you don't change your work routine. FusionForm Desktop converts your handwriting to digital patient records automatically and effortlessly.

  • Forms automation is efficient and easy

  • Data is verified by the author at the time it is recorded

  • "Transparent" technology does not interfere with doctor or nurse focus on the patient

  • Uses your current forms, minimizing training and lost efficiency

  • Captures information flexibly and efficiently, with no loss of productivity

  • Multiple healthcare users can contribute to a single form

  • Desktop software can be easily integrated with healthcare EMRs and commercial databases

  • Electronic form images can be shared with others as "view only"

  • FusionForm adapts readily to your existing workflow

  • FusionForm allows users to select the level of forms automation they need based on the stage of technology deployment they have

  • Unique dot pattern "fingerprints" improve patient safety, reduce liability, enhance data integrity and eliminate duplicate records

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