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  FusionForm Desktop Technical Specs

Operating System
Microsoft® Windows® 2000 or Microsoft Windows XP

Equipment Certified/Preferred
Anoto-enabled Logitech io2 Digital Pen or Hitachi Maxell® Penit FusionForm Desktop requires USB support

Export Formats Supported

Bluetooth Technical Info (Bluetooth stack versions supported)
Widcomm Bluetooth stack version 1.2 or higher

Wireless Technologies
FusionForm has been designed to take advantage of the latest technologies and protocols including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi®.

Battery Life Estimates/Charging Digital Pens/User Experience
Digital pens: Under normal working conditions most digital pens hold their charge quite well. For best results, recharge when order to maintain charge.

Other Technical Information
Digital Pens: Replacement ballpoint refills for digital pens are available directly from the manufacturers or their resellers.

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Video Demo: FusionForm Desktop

.Case Study: Optometry [PDF]

.Data Sheet  [PDF]

.Technical Specifications  [PDF]

.Technical Architecture  [PDF]

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