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  FusionForm Mobile Benefits and Features


Don't Change The Way You Work
FusionForm Mobile works just like you do--with a pen and paper. As you write, FusionForm Mobile captures your handwriting and hand-drawn sketches and seamlessly transforms them into digital records ready for an EMR environment.

Instant ROI
With FusionForm Mobile you eliminate time-consuming steps like scanning and transcription, accelerating your workflow and making your patient information processes more efficient.

On-The-Spot Verification of Data
Lost or inaccurate patient records are dangerous for patients and a source of considerable expense to healthcare institutions. FusionForm Mobile provides on-the-spot, instant transfer so the clinician can verify information at the time of capture and immediately transmit it to a back-end system or store it for later wireless transmission.

Anything You Write or Draw Can Be Part of an EMR
For the first time anything you can write or draw can become art of an electronic medical record. FusionForm Mobile allows healthcare professionals of all specialties to digitize personal notes, patient consultations, handwritten physician orders, sketches and drawings and include them all in digital patient records.

Interactive Patient Records
It's not enough just to capture information and transform it into digital patient records. FusionForm Mobile provides healthcare professionals the capability to interface to a range of third party EMR systems, allowing you access to archived electronic patient records.

Stairstep Functionality
The FusionForm solution allows you to apply technology as you need it. Phase in additional FusionForm benefits when you are ready. You'll never outgrow your original investment because the handwriting recognition and data interactivity of the product grow with you.

  • Offers users true mobility when capturing client information

  • Departmental forms automation made easy

  • Flexibility to incorporate existing workflow processes

  • FusionForm allows users to select the level of forms automation they need based on the stage of technology deployment they have

  • Unique dot pattern "fingerprints" improve patient safety, reduce liability, enhance data integrity and eliminate duplicate records

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