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FusionForm FAQ

The Work Process

More About the Digital Pen

The Work Process
What do I need to start using FusionForm?
FusionForm requires the use of a digital pen, a form that has been enhanced for use with the digital pen, and the FusionForm software and licenses.

Do I have to use special forms to use FusionForm?
You will use your own form, printed on normal paper with a special dot pattern printed very faintly in the background.

How does the pen read the paper?
Your form is printed on normal paper with a unique, very faint, dot pattern in the background--rather like its own a fingerprint. The pen has a small camera in its tip that reads the dot pattern and maps it to that particular form.

How does the pen know which form it is writing on?
Each dot pattern is a piece of a much larger, non-repeating, continuously variable, algorithmic geographic pattern--no two pages are alike and the pen always knows what page it is on.

Can I draw a picture on the form and save that as part of the record?
Yes, that is one of the advantages of FusionForm. You can save sketches and hand-drawn diagrams as part of an electronic record.

What happens to the data once the pen reads it?
It's transmitted to your computer, PDA or other electronic device by means of Bluetooth wireless technology or a cradle that is linked to your computer via a USB cable.

Where does the data go on my computer?
From the intermediary device (computer, PDA or other electronic device) the information can be transmitted into an EMR (electronic medical record) system, practice management system or any other back-end archiving or record system.

Will FusionForm interfere with my patient interaction?
Unlike keyboards or tablet interfaces, FusionForm allows you enter data in a natural and familiar style--with pen and paper. Your patients will know they are getting your full attention, instead of feeling like they are sharing your attention with a computer.

My company has invested a lot of money in an EMR system;
   will FusionForm work with our existing system?
Yes, FusionForm will complement any EMR system, making it easier to collect and enter information and transform it into digital data.

How can we verify that the data is accurate?
When you use FusionForm, you will have the opportunity to verify all of your data before you merge it electronically with a back-end database.

More About the Digital Pen

How much information can the pen hold?
Storage capacity varies by brand and model of pen. The pens we use hold as much as 100 single-spaced pages of written text.

How long do the batteries last?
Under normal usage, the pen battery will last for many days. Under even the heaviest usage, the pen will easily last through a 12-hour shift. As long as the pen is docked at the end of a shift, battery life is never an issue.

Can the cap be left off the pen?
If the cap is left off the pen, the pen will power down after a short while to conserve its battery.

Can the pen be used to write on any other paper?
Yes, it will write like any other ink pen on regular paper. However, in order for handwritten information to be recognized and converted to digital records, digital paper must be used with the digital pen. Text written on normal paper will not be digitally captured by the pen.

Do I have to print my letters, use Graffiti, write in ALL CAPS, or change the way I write in any way?
Unlike other solutions, with FusionForm you can write in your normal handwriting, whether that is cursive, printing, all caps or a mix. FusionForm's best-of-breed handwriting recognition is very accurate right out of the box, and can be trained for your individual handwriting to achieve even higher levels of accuracy.

What happens when the pen runs out of ink?
The pens use easily replaced cartridges that are similar to those used in other ballpoint pens. You can purchase more when needed.

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