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Healthcare Scenarios
Place Accurate and Immediate Procedure Orders
Many hospitals and other healthcare facilities have created standard pre-and post-procedure order sets which may reduce the risk of errors that can lead to adverse drug events. These order sets can serve as guidelines for care when the therapy, such as chemotherapy, is initiated by nurses or pharmacists. These sets also provide information on the vital signs to be monitored, complex IV dosages, laboratory work, oral medications, diet, as well as special orders and discharge orders when required.

While these order sets consolidate and organize patient treatment records, they must still be entered into the computerized medical records system of the healthcare facility. This duplication of work adds time and cost to patient care and increases the risk of error due to mistaken interpretation of handwritten orders.

Implementing Satori Labs FusionForm allows medical professionals to collect, enter and edit data virtually simultaneously, and eliminate the costly and time-consuming steps usually required for those tasks. Healthcare professionals have only to collect and enter data once by hand, instantly verify the results and commit it to the back-end CPOE, EMR or other electronic health records system. There is no duplication of effort, no lost time, and the orders are verified and accurate.

Instantly Integrate Standard Exam Results
Many specialists have a standard exam form that they use to record the results of a physical examination. One of the more complex forms is an ophthalmologic exam sheet. There are numerous fields to fill for each eye, as well as several diagrams used as progress indicators. All this data must be handwritten by the ophthalmologist and then re-entered into a CPOE/EMR system. The diagrams are particularly problematic and cannot be easily duplicated electronically.

Satori Labs FusionForm technology quickly and easily provides immediate digital text of the handwritten entries, including diagrams, and allows real-time editing to ensure accuracy. There is no need for the physician to be interrupted to clarify his/her handwriting, or what was meant by a particular entry. Data collection, entry and editing are virtually simultaneous, eliminating the cost and time required by third-party data entry.

Facilitate CPOE for Unit Coordinators
Every healthcare facility has unit coordinators, whose job is to enter all physician and nurse orders into the computer, keep track of supplies used for each patient, manage all unit paperwork and perform various other duties. The job is further complicated by ringing phones, patient visitors, aides and other healthcare professionals who need to check in or get information from the front desk. This hectic situation can easily lead to lost or delayed orders, undocumented supply use, and misunderstood or misinterpreted handwritten orders, all leading to increased risk to the patient and increased cost to the hospital.

FusionForm handles all data entry issues quickly, easily and accurately. Handwritten orders are instantly digitized and ready for verification by the physician, ensuring timely and accurate procedures, tests and medications. FusionForm also ensures real-time digital capture of all supplies and medications used for patient care, and eliminates duplication of effort by staff because third-party data entry is no longer required. Medical data integrity is maintained, ensuring a higher level of patient care and safety.

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