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Customer Quotes
Here's what actual customers are saying about FusionForm Desktop:

"With other desktop systems, you either look at the screen or you look at the patient. We wanted good patient interactions so making the move to FusionForm was an easy transition. Now we have the best of both worlds!"

-- Steven Faith, O.D.
Livermore Optometry Group

"FusionForm is the next step in healthcare documentation."

- Charles Duva, MD

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Focus on Healthcare
The Satori Labs Healthcare Solution

The battle has begun. As everyone connected to healthcare knows, there is an ongoing conflict between health care institutions and health care service providers.

Most healthcare providers are investigating computerized physician order entry (CPOE) and electronic medical record (EMR) systems because it allows them to comply with HIPAA and related government standards and meet insurance carrier requirements. Electronic records also provide higher quality patient care and reduce the number of preventable mistakes, many of which are due to illegible handwriting and decimal point errors.1

While physicians know that computerized orders and medical records are a necessity, they also dislike the intrusion of technology into the doctor-patient relationship.2

Crux of the Problem
The crux of the problem: doctors hate entering data on a computer. Data re-entry is estimated to add two or three extra hours each day to their workload, with an adverse impact on the quality of patient care.
"When the EMR impairs the quality of documentation and that of the physician-patient relationship, an invaluable tool turns into a dismal failure, and a panacea for what ails the paper record turns into a cure that is worse than the disease."3

The Better Solution
FusionForm satisfies the healthcare providers' needs for ease-of-use and it satisfies the institutional needs for digitization.

Put simply, FusionForm allows doctors to use pen and paper--and hospitals to gather digital data--simultaneously.

Satori FusionForm combines a wireless, digitizing ballpoint pen, specialized paper, a clipboard with an integrated wireless PDA, and Satori Labs' groundbreaking software.

Using their own medical forms printed on digital paper and a digitizing pen, physicians can instantly turn their free-form clinical notes, diagnoses, prescriptions, and tests requisitions into digital data.

View, Verify and Correct Records Instantly
By providing a simple interface for the user to instantly view, verify, and correct the results of handwriting recognition, FusionForm provides all the accessibility of pen and paper with the verified data integrity quality healthcare requires.

Once approved, the data is sent to and integrated with the existing back-end system, a "must have" addition to existing systems that meets the needs of both caregivers and IT departments.

FusionForm gives caregivers more time to spend where it really matters: with the patients.

1. Birkmeyer JD, Dimick JB. Leapfrog safety standards: potential benefits of universal adoption. The Leapfrog Group. Washington, DC: 2004.  [Back]

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FusionForm Desktop

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.Case Study: Optometry [PDF]

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.Desktop Technical Specifications  [PDF]

.Technical Architecture  [PDF]

FusionForm Mobile

Video Demo: FusionForm Mobile  

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.Mobile Technical Specifications  [PDF]

.Technical Architecture  [PDF]

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